Newbies helpful hints

Welcome , if you are here for the first time and you are new to this trade then this is what you can expect from us

1) Great news, we dont take pro-forma payments from UK customers , we will open a 30 day credit account for you straight away should you pass all our checks

If you don't , we are not going to ask questions just pay us by credit card before the goods are despatched . That doesnt mean to say we dont really apprecaite a prompt payment.

2) How long will you have to wait after placing your order on line ?, typically five working days , you place it on Monday you should get it Friday

This seems quite long ? yes it is longer than we would like but we use a distribution company who : day one process the picking list , day two send

the forklifts to collect the products from various warehouses , day three trollies of our goods arrive at the packing station , day four they are despatched via DPD

day five they should be at your shop.

3) What if things are broken ?, just email us photos of any damages with codes and quantities and we will credit you .If we need evidence for a supplier claim

we may get them collected.

4) Packing errors are rare as everything is scanned into the cartons , but should you get something you didn't expect just email for a collection .

5) Why didn't I get my full order ? there were 36pc showing on the website but I only got 6pc ? We are automated to a point, but if we get six or seven

orders for the same product overnight they may have sold out before your order came through.

6) I can't see something on the website that I ordered last week ? Currently as soon as something sells out we take it off the website .It doesn't mean its

not coming back 80% of our designs are reordered throughout the year. Hopefully soon we will have a "I have sold out but I will be back in August .."

section . We normally annouce the arrival of containers in the news section .

7) "Exclusivity ", always a bit of a bugbear for you and us . We don't like to sell to shops in the same area in direct competition with each other .

We like about 5 miles between outlets It gives you a chance to show something completely different and build up a bit of a following .

We relax this sometimes , in a city where there are distinct shopping areas or if the spend is so small we have to make that area work harder for us.

8) Christmas ordering . We launch our Christmas at the Spring Fair early February . You can place orders right the way from then to a week before Christmas.

Just mark your order to be delivered " 2nd week October " etc , once again we dont take a pro-forma payment. We would like you to honour the order if

at all possible as we have bought the goods in for you, but we do understand if circumstances change . Just call us as soon as possible preferably before the Autumn Fair

to cancel or amend.

If you place your order before the end of March you are 100% percent guarenteed to get your full order . That is when we order our Christmas.

After that its what we have "guessed you may like" always a tricky one. We take our spring fair orders and at least triple the quantities on best selling products

If we drop something after the Spring fair and don't order it . Don't be disappointed , it means that virtually no one ordered it .We are all for being different but if its had

no one at all enthusing about it , it probably means its never going to sell , ever.

9) Do you design everything ? not everything. Where we can work with small units, its easy to get our designs made , they have low minimums . Where we find it hard is when we

want to work with a larger company to get a better price for you and have to order thousands of pieces if we want our own design. So then if the designs they produce already fit

seamlessly with ours we buy in .But it is a small proportion , as we get bigger we will have more buying power .

10) If there is anything we have missed drop us a line and we will add it to this list .